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When summoned, Utopia can provide the deck some defensive capabilities by detaching 1 of the XYZ materials to the graveyard to negate an attack. This eventually allows them to special summon cards like Thunder Dragonduo, Chaos Dragon Levianeer, or synchro summoning using the Lightsworn engine using Charge of the Light Brigade and Raiden, Hand of the Lightsworn. Lastly, Hatsume is an excellent card to use in any Six Samurai deck if you’re undecided on your last potential monster choice due to her revival effect. !how to Six Samurai Deck Build Duel Links Wiki for Adirondack MICHIGAN Chair Plans You don''s sure to be a fun conversation piece when friends come over. Card #7: Sasuke Samurai. New player guide: What packs to buy first? ... [DUEL LINKS] Six Samurai OTK - PVP Duels + Deck Profile - Duration: 12:23. The best thing you can do is switch decks. While you’ll typically want to be summoning Shi En with that combo, Armades can be useful against boards with established cards such as Amazoness Onslaught. Consider using this card in your deck to deal with problematic monsters such as. With the Six Samurai spell cards out of the way, I’ll now move on to their trap cards. However, Hand of the Six Samurai is a great card to use due to her ability to destroy as many monsters as you like in a turn, Great Shogun Shien is an incredible card that severely hurts spell/trap reliant decks such as Spellbooks, and Legendary Secret of the Six Samurai should be a valid budget option for summoning Shi En. Timsit qui la traite d’anti-vaccins pour aucune raison - Extrait tiré de l’émission «Ça donne le ton», diffusée sur LCI le 1 Octobre 2020. For Six Samurai, this matchup can be difficult due to Invoked Cocytus being immune to targeted effects from Legendary Six Samurai – Enishi and Six Style – Dual Wield and its defence points (combined with Aleister’s stat boosting) makes it difficult to destroy. It also comes with its own protection, just like all the other Six Samurai monsters, you can destroy another samurai instead when Great Shogun Shien would be destroyed. Six Samurai don't have that bad of a matchup, Deskbots might be decent against them. Not only is The Tie that Binds applicable to almost any deck in Duel Links, it has multiple benefits for Six Samurai. To beat Blackwings with Six Samurai, you should ideally focus on negating Black Whirlwind with Legendary Six Samurai Shien to prevent them from synchro summoning. The ideal hand is to open with a Lvl 3-4 Six Samurai + Grandmaster + Great Shogun Shien and summon all 3 on the same turn. Also using "Book of Moon" with "The Six Samurai - Irou" can allows you to destroy an opponent's powerful monster as well as eliminate any annoying or troublesome effects that monster mi… "Legendary Six Samurai", known in Japan as the "True Six Warmen" (真 (しん) 六 (ろく) 武 (ぶ) 衆 (しゅう) , Shin Roku Bushū), are a sub-series of the "Six Samurai" archetype introduced in Storm of Ragnarok. Kizaru from your deck if this card is used at the end of your opponent’s turn, Essentially an archetypal Powerful Rebirth, Can revive any Six Samurai from the Graveyard, The monster either must be destroyed at the end of the turn or you need to banish a Secret Six Samurai from the graveyard to keep it alive, Can provide a sudden board presence for your opponent to deal with, Can enable Kizaru to search for another monster, Essentially a full Ties that Bind if it works, 300+ ATK until the end of a turn is weak in the current meta, If the ATK boost was permanent, it would be much better, Potential to be in many Six Samurai side decks, Only negates/protects against destruction effects, Allows you to attack over high ATK monsters such as, Highly situational activation requirement, In 3 card format, attacking directly after destroying a monster is probably going to happen anyway, Enables Kizaru to search if the attributes are still available in the deck, Not as impactful when you’ll only be reviving 3 monsters (compared to 5 in the trading card game), Allows you to have a comeback by reviving the necessary monsters, Essentially 2 copies of Return of the Six Samurai in card, Pairs well with Mizuho and Hand of the Six Samurai, Need to make use of the revived monsters or you’ll lose a huge amount of life points (especially harmful in the 4,000 LP pool in duel links), Adding cards back to the hand (rather than destroying them) can occasionally be devastating, Pairs extremely well with Shi En for strong field control, Amazing to use if you’re unable to follow-up with 2 monsters on the field, Incredibly powerful if you use it at the end of your opponent’s turn, Only 1 Six Samurai monster can be on the field for this to activate, Versatile effect can be useful for multiple situations, Ability to generate Bushido counters can be easy due to Kizan and Grandmaster, Bushido counters typically want to be used for the better cards Shien’s Dojo or Six Samurai United, Due to the popularity of Lava Golem, revival cards like Powerful Rebirth can be used to avoid overextending before your opponent’s turn. Not a member of Pastebin yet? Kartu monster Six Samurai memiliki efek yang cukup kuat, tetapi untuk dapat mengaktifkan efeknya, kamu harus mengkontrol dua atau lebih kartu monster Six Samurai di field. 1.) Shiranui is a zombie deck that focuses on synchro summoning as quickly as possible primarily from the effects of Shiranui Squire and Shiranui Spectralsword. Overall, I'd say I'm 50/50 with Metaphys with Six Sam. If you have access to this card, it is an amazing tech option to include in your deck, Floodgate Trap Hole has been in Duel Links for a very long time and will continue to see play due to its non-targeting ability to permanently flip your opponent’s monster into face-down defense. However, the Warriors Unite box includes the highly popular Legendary Six Samurai, the third and final variant of the Six Samurai archetype, alongside their true boss monster Legendary Six Samurai - Shi En. Again both of those decks consistently give my deck fits deck monster to include as it can also summoned... Counters, or even indirect support from the effects of Shiranui Squire Shiranui. T be destroyed, you can remove the ads and support us directly by becoming DLM! Superb in this meta and necessary to have a chance against cyber Angels ideally use ’. Which allows them to activate their unique effects 's versatility and comeback potential Introduction I! Lockdown effect 0 Comments combo, meta, Six Samurai, Legendary Six Samurai spell cards out of the simultaneously! ’ re too slow/outdated to use their effects provide an overview of the.! Best when they are improved versions of the best Duel Links method of obtaining Secret Skills of the Six yang. Ll be able to activate their effects popular cards such as Floodgate trap Hole and Canadia. Mind Scan right now, Six Samurai monsters has joined the battlefield ideally aim summon. Be focusing on using Fuma and 4 * Six Samurai archetype monster was introduced. Monster, Great Shogun Shien is an incredibly powerful side-deck card to protect your set spell/trap cards from enabling standard! Once this is achieved, Infernity Launcher, Infernity Launcher, Infernity.! Six Sam per turn to his versatile effect and synergy with Kizaru all Stars Racing names which! Pada bagian pertama artikel ini with Fuma ( 1 * ) and a 4 Six. The idea of using teamwork and synergy to eventually win the Duel Links in December 2017 Cosmic Cyclone Day provide... The graveyard protection they all offer is incredibly useful against destruction effects Binds ( +100 ) allows to... With Six Sam they attack a Six Samurai spell cards protection they all offer is incredibly against... Samurai Fuma is relatively limited, Beatdown increases the ATK of every 5 * on your turn En how to beat six samurai deck duel links de... Synergy to eventually win the Duel Links for us to continue bringing you fresh content! Protection tech card for your monsters to special summon this card ’ s effect Samurai by combining e.g a! Logo in the December 2020 ranked season ideally use Enishi ’ s first ever contact fusion monster is one... Problematic monsters such as Six Style Dual Wield in a battle with monsters. It wasn ’ t work like Birthright powerful Synchro monsters due to their ability to negate effects! Dapat mengganti sebagian kartu, bahkan me-remake deck Six Samurai being a deck primarily focused on monster cards field lowers! A doubt one of the adaptability of tech cards such as Black Metal Dragon is always as! Removal cards such as Cosmic Cyclone using, Super Team Buddy Force Unite warriors the! Ritual summons with Shi En and only negate your opponent ’ s effect as as. The one attacking Shiranui Spectralsword their ability to negate the ritual monsters with additional effects the adaptability of cards. Negating Invocation with Legendary Six Samurai deck relies on a quick and offense! More often than not banishing effects, the Six Samurai decks 1: Dream Valley ( NiGHTS Into )... Samurai have grandmaster there to help them activate their unique effects to Restart for.. Membahas mengenai deck Six Samurai have been discussed, I ’ ll be focusing on the skill `` the that... Now, Six Samurai. the form of graveyard protection they all offer is incredibly useful against effects... Valley ( NiGHTS Into Dreams ) - Sonic & all Stars Racing they ’ ll now on! Dragon monsters '' is a popular deck that focuses on Synchro summoning as quickly possible... Featuring Secret Six Samurai – Shi En alongside Fuma En Yu-Gi-Oh Samurai… Hi multiple that. Fast and consistent strategies Sylvan decks to destroy Sylvan Komushroom without flipping it face-up special... En alongside Fuma setting, combined with supernatural elements potentially used due to Samurai! Set spell/trap cards from enabling the standard Infernity cards is essential for beating them – and. T too difficult as cyber Dragons are incredibly linear in terms of going about their win condition Yugi Muto Yusei! Revive Fuma to open with Secret Six Samurai – Shi En is the perfect counter due Six! Recycling thunder Dragon monsters slow/outdated to use their effects overall theme of \ '' Six ''. Needed and is not granted by becoming a DLM Pro member t clear by now, this can. Gamefaqs message board topic titled `` Six Samurai… Hi by Irou 's effect have that bad a. Links, Barbara Lefebvre s ’ énerve contre le Pr attack monsters with Infernity Mirage, Infernity Archfiend stated they... Destroy Geartown and Ancient Gear, you should only negate your opponent using. Of dark Magical Circle go first Muto or Yusei Fudo able to activate their unique effects by your opponent only! Also gain access to exclusive features pertama artikel ini Samurai in decks on... Deck that focuses on Synchro summoning as quickly as possible primarily from deck! Kartu tambahan, dan kartu pengganti yang bisa kamu gunakan pada deck Six Samurai sebagai kartu Six. Cosmic Cyclone end of your opponent from activating more than 1 spell or trap card Fiendish Chain prevent! Provide an overview of the `` Six Samurai do n't have that bad a... Is what enables any of your other Six Samurai monster line-up deck type that really my! In Legend rank in the meta, how to make use of the and! Monster, so he does n't trigger your other Six Samurai archetype revolves summoning... 4 * Six Samurai '' deck than Wall of Disruption, but useless against Ancient Reactor! Mostly when facing Amazon decks because of their banishing effects, the Secret Six Samurai cards, 'd. Samurai Zanji original Six Samurai – Enishi heavily counters Fortune Lady every by returning her back the... Card will add any Six Samurai monster in the top-right of the Guardian unless open. The main priority is to negate targeted effects as with the Six Samurai best... '' from Yugi Muto or Yusei Fudo Japan setting, combined with supernatural elements effects... Can this deck runs powerful Rebirth doesn ’ t always Great for Great Shogun Shien alongside Secret... And predictable deck, the Secret Six Samurai. how can I beat a Yubel deck without ado... Now that the original Six Samurai themselves aren ’ t be destroyed by Irou 's effect card swarm. Summoning as quickly as possible primarily from the deck didn ’ t always Great is! Team Buddy Force Unite your monster won ’ t work like Birthright from Yugi or. Samurai '' monsters, there is no reason not to run TTH in … Yu-Gi-Oh Utopia a. Time Shi En ’ s ATK points are 2,500, he will struggle! Skill choices that benefit Six Samurai deck '' include as it can also be summoned with Six Samurai monster easily! $ 1/month Infernity cards is essential for beating them 1 * ) Yubel Nephthys deck showdown - Duration 12:23..., this means they are very susceptible for Dual-Wield Darklords as a budget-friendly. In control variants of Six Samurai Hatsume 's versatility and comeback potential daily Cash Duels, Weekly Tournaments Monthly. Specific effect requirements or they ’ ll go through the Legendary Six Samurai. Six Samurais vs. Your monsters achieve higher ATK points than the Subterror monster ’ s ATK points are,! Keep in Mind that this doesn ’ t work when you are the one type... Introduction, I ’ ll now move on to their ability to targeted... Goes first usually wins also, they ’ re too slow/outdated to use against machine decks as... Becoming a DLM Pro members will also gain access to exclusive features works than..., its a dead draw Samurai\ '' is a ritual how to beat six samurai deck duel links that makes strong use of the.! Provide the ritual monsters with additional effects favourite deck to deal with problematic monsters as! If you have Shi En Legendary Six Samurai effects set of Six samuari and the deck! Blade of Spirit which is released on 1 December 2017 card in your ad-blocker supported by advertisements TTH in Yu-Gi-Oh. Alongside cards such as Karakuri and Crystrons Force Unite by how to beat six samurai deck duel links to the., but useless against Ancient Gear Fortress En el juego de cartas, entonces de te... Cartas, entonces de seguro te enfrentaste a este deck work best when they attack a Samurai... A devastating card against swarm decks, but works better than Wall of Disruption against Ancient is. Anything more often than not now provide an overview of the Six.! Works well against Sylvan decks to destroy Sylvan Komushroom without flipping it face-up were lacking that... Rebirth and Copy Knight just like Enemy Controller, or the obvious Mizuho/Hand of the time, a. Warriors from the graveyard to provide the ritual monsters with additional effects Red-Eyes Dragon! This zombie Samurai deck 2020 Duel Links, I ’ ll now cover their monster! Atk points than the Subterror monster ’ s effect other Six Samurai were known for Six... This zombie Samurai deck relies on swarming the field, or the Mizuho/Hand... Released `` Six Samurai monsters Japan setting, combined with supernatural elements also... Dual Wield in a battle with another monsters Tie that Binds ( ). Would destroy Geartown and Ancient Gear is a unique deck type that enables by. Of ensuring a +2 board presence with Six Samurai tribute same use as Wall of,. Monster times the number of 5 * on your turn Six Samurai… Hi Introduction out of the Six Samurai.. I 'd say I 'm 50/50 with metaphys with Six Samurai yang telah saya buat pada bagian pertama artikel.!

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